Yemenite brioche // 47 NIS
salted caramel butter, red cherry cream, whipped cream and schug

Beet salad // 52 NIS
confit beets, goat labane, asparagus, concentrate pomegranate, olive oil and coriander.

Charred kohlrabi on coals // 56 NIS
olive oil, brinza cheese and hyssop crispy.

Purple endive // 68 NIS
 Caesar lettuce, Grand Smith apple, St. Mohr cheese, raspberry vinaigrette and pecan crumble.

Cherry salad // 64 NIS
roasted horseradish pepper, purple onion, sauce soaked bread, sliced ​​almonds, oregano and mozzarella.

Vegetarian Saigon // 64 NIS
Lettuce hearts, white cabbage, papaya, pita crunch, sliced ​​almonds, chilli vinaigrette, yogurt and greens.

Raw fish carpaccio // 69 NIS
olive oil, Uzbek apricot salt, celery, purple onion, radishes and labane.

Raw fish sashimi // 70 NIS
cold cucumber sauce, nori cheese, pakos, chilli pepper, and horseradish leaves.

In between

Bruschetta // 74 NIS
spinach cream and leek, confit sea fish, hot pepper, greens and yogurt stone.

Chard stuffed with pearl and lamb grits // 76 NIS
Demi Glass beef, choked mushrooms, labane and greens.

Burnt challah // 79 NIS
tirshi of mother Cohen, sheitel tartare, raw tahina and greens.




Wrap // 78 NIS
Cabbage stuffed with friki and pine nuts, white eggplant cream, sesame seeds, broad beans and asparagus.

Pepperella // 94 NIS
pecorino butter, broccoli, chard, Hameiri cheese, pine nuts and greens.

Sea fish // 118 NIS
Blanc bar, baby fennel, coral cauliflower, asparagus and sliced ​​almonds

Sea fish // 122 NIS
tomato cream, white sweet potato tortillas, broad beans and Thai okra.

Variable slice, baby potato and broccoli.
60 NIS for 100gr

Lamb slivers // 102 NIS
barbecue glaze, peanut and herb crumble, charred cabbage and brown chicken stock.


Pavlova, vegan meringue, berries & cherries syrup, fresh Amarena & Sorbe…39 NIS
Mascarpone mousse, Berries, Almond due, Ricotta ice cream & white chocolate…47 NIS
Coffee Éclair, shanty mascarpone salted caramel and vanille ice cream…47 NIS
Chocolate mousse, Dark choco & Nougat crisp, Hot blondi ganash & Dulce de leche…52 NIS
LemonMint Tart & Yogurt powder Meringue…41 NIS