Elle et lui
Patron Silver, Avion, Aperol, Louisa Syrup, Passionflower Mash and Ras El Chanut puree.
72 NIS

Spicy popp
Jinn marinated in english pepper and chili, Martini Russo, St. Germain, lemon and Ginger Beer
61 NIS

Toute la vie
Beluga marinated in anise star and fennel seeds, Benedictine, strawberry mash and Vodka citron puree
62 NIS

Pour l`amour
Strawberry Jin, green Chartreuse, pineapple mash, lemon, Campari and Tonic puree
71 NIS

Hennessy marinated with thymin, Dermboy, Galliano, apricot puree and mango, vanilla syrup and tonka
75 NIS

Habib albi
Mini ouzo, elite arak, bianco martini, mashed apricot syrup Hawaige angostura and strawberry spheras
65 NIS