POUPEE covers an area of 750 meters of fantasies and dreams.

As you enter, you are invited to disconnect from conventional thoughts and your normal habits, your cell phone and everything you know and to reconnect to yourself, your senses and new people.
The entrance to the restaurant is designed to be winding which simulates a time tunnel which disconnects you from the outside world.

The 170 seats are arranged in a circular pattern which allows diners to have eye-contact and personal interaction with the other diners.
The space itself is designed with inspiration from the genre of abstract art that influences every aspect of the restaurant, including the plating of the food.

The restaurant was designed by Nir Ran under the influence of the genre of abstract art, that is represented by Wassily Kandinsky – nonfigurative art.

Ran’s main goal was to disconnect the guests from the immediacy of time and space by designing an area that stimulates all five senses and awakens deep emotional feelings of curiosity and excitement.

From the moment the guest enters the time-tunnel with its tilted and unconventional walls, he is disconnected from the outside world and is brought into a magical space where everything is more exciting and exaggerated and which creates the thrill of anticipation. The place is built in a circular flow that creates a feeling of endlessness. Every section is designed differently in order to cause a flood of different feelings and emotions. The seating sections are meticulously designed in a circular shape, like around a campfire, in order to connect different people and give them a feeling of togetherness.

The restroom area is designed to give a feeling of walking in a magical forest or a journey to another life.

The space is suitable for events of 170 seated guests or a cocktail party or other parties of 450 people.

There are a variety of menus for private/business events, cocktail parties etc.
There is also the option of external kosher catering.

This whole magical and enchanting experience exists for you and your guests in one place in the center of Tel Aviv.